We are an organization with a singular focus – reducing the number of daily Veteran suicides.  As you may know, the most widely accepted statistic is that 22 Veterans a day die at their own hand.  That is a crushing and dismal statistic.  All too frequently, the Veteran feels like nobody understands what they feel, what they saw and certainly nobody understands their language.  This feeling leads to hopelessness, the inability to fully reintegrate into civilian life and all combined - leads to final decisions and the statistic of 22 a day.

Garrison Retreats attempts to mitigate this statistic by offering the Veteran a chance to reconnect with their “tribe” in a retreat atmosphere.  We currently offer, free of charge, 4-day retreats that allow the Veteran to participate in team building exercises, peer counseling and social situations with other Veterans who are all speaking the same language.  Our hope is that the retreat allows the Veteran to reboot while building an extended base of people on whom they can call in an hour of darkness.  Our long-term goal is to extend to 10-day retreats where we have a team of professionals who stand at the ready to offer their services in the fields of financial counseling, employment counseling and assistance as well as assistance with navigating the VA system.